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Any other questions? Don't hesitate to contact me! Also if you need information in german.


Is Sinai safe?

First you can clearly distinguish between North Sinai and South Sinai. The border from North Sinai to Gaza is a place you should avoid under current circumstances. South Sinai is under control and according to "Auswaertiges Amt" in Germany safe to travel.

I have visited, alone as well as together with my Israeli boyfriend, South Sinai several times in the last years (2013-2015) and before (2005-6) and I always felt safe and welcomed.

We both spent time on the beaches around Nuveiba and Dahab and also visited St.Catherine monastery and Mount Sinai. Tourism is at work and South Sinai is an amazing place with warm and friendly people and a very low crime rate.

Keep in mind that there are always risks while traveling and avoid places that are not recommended. Chances you get injured in a car accident are much higher than facing a terroristic attack!


How do I get there?

The closest airports are in Eilat (Taba) in Israel or in Sharm-El-Sheik,Egypt.

There are direct flights to Sharm-El-Sheik, South Sinai, from several German airports (Leipzig, Stuttgart,Frankfurt,Duessoldorf..).You can also reach Sharm-El-Sheik via turkey or via Cairo.

For flights take a look at this site:

In case you travel to Eilat/ Israel you will enter Egypt via Taba Land Border. From there, it's a bit more than an hour with Taxi to our destination near Nuveiba. Many cheap flights (easyjet) go to Tel Aviv and from there you can either take a connecting flight to Eilat (Taba border) or take some more time and travel via Bus to Eilat.  

I organize the transportation from the airport or border to our venue for you. Therefor I need your flight details directly after booking.          

For further questions and assistance in booking the flight contact me! I'm happy to assist you and answer your questions.


Where exactly does the course take place?

The location is the RockSea Camp in South Sinai, close to Nuveiba, which is halfway between Taba and Dahab. Rocksea belongs to a a very nice german couple, Ricarda and Michael, who run the place for over 15 years. It's a beautiful, lovely and clean camp. Take a look at the place and the accommmodation here:




I'm new to Gyrokinesis. Can I participate in this course?

In general, the answer is yes. We will work without stools on sequences on the floor and standing. You should feel comfortable seated on the floor. Pillows are available for support. If you have the chance, it's a good idea to take a Gyrokinesis or Gyrotonic session before to get familiar with the principles.


What do I need to take with me?

Besides all the things you need for your personal use, I suggest you bring a snorkle and/or a diving mask to enjoy the coral reef infront of the door. You can as well rent a snorkel at RockSea. It's also a good idea to use shoes for snorkeling and swimming. You should not step on the reef anyway, but once inside the water I feel better to protect my feet from sea urchins, lionfish, stonefish etc. I like to wear crocs.

Take some warm clothes, a sweater or fleece, some socks, for chilly nights.

Bring your personal Yoga Mat if you can.

A mosquito repellant can be useful. There are mosquito nets inside the bungalows, so you don't need to bring this.

Take cash in Euro or Egyptian Pound to pay for any extra costs like food and drinks, etc.

There is a little shop where you can buy stuff in case you forgot something.

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