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Located between the Mediterranean Sea in the north and the Red Sea in the south, the triangular Sinai peninsula is the only part of Egypt belonging to Asia, as opposed to Africa, serving as a land bridge between the two continents.


The two parts of North Sinai and South Sinai make up together around 60.000 square kilometers and have a population of almost 600.000, about 70% of whom are Bedouin.


The Sinai peninsula got it's name after Mount Sinai, a mountain near St.Catherine Monastery, assumed to be the biblical Mount Sinai. St.Catherine Monastery and Mount Sinai are the most popular tourist attractions in the region.


Besides the biblical connotations, Southern Sinai's landscape impresses with it's red rock mountains and desert wadis, next to the shores of the Red Sea which is all along lined with coral reefs.

Once the sun sets behind the mountains, the night sky turns on it's millions of stars.


The sea invites you to snorkel, swim and dive and discover it's underwater beauty. 


In Sinai you experience the beauty and luxury of simplicity, a little "chusha" (a hut) is all you need. 

Time to relax, slow down and just be.


For me, Sinai is a magical place where I feel at home and where it's easy to be in peace and in harmony with nature. It's a an amazing spot to recreate and rejuvenate and leave the stress and noises of city life behind. Leave your devices at home and connect to the nature around!







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