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is the equipment based sister of the GYROKINESIS® method and has been developed to deepen the understanding and experience of the body in movement. 

Mostly being taught in private lessons, the clients needs can be addressed individually and progress is experienced in a short range of time.

The equipment is build around the human body and allows circular, spiraling movement in a full range, non restricting.

It works in a totallly unique 3D way on the human body, on muscular, skeletal and fascia level.

It's especially benefitting people with back and shoulder pain, scoliosis, knee or hip joint problems.

It balances the whole body and is as well use to relieve from stress and burn-out syndrome.

Athletes and dancers use this method to train or to recover from injury.

Worldwide this movement system gains more and more popularity as people discover the great beneficial effects on their lives.

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